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Community Services
  Via TANA Foundation: Raised over $500,000 for Sankara Eye Hospital in Guntur, including a $25,000, Personal Contribution.
Via TANA Foundation: Supported in building a "Shelter for Forum for Street Children" in Vijayawada. Personally, Donated an Ambulance to the Organization.
Via Swagat Care Foundation: Providing free Medical Care for the last 4 years to the needy in Andhra Pradesh through Clinics operated by Swagat Care Foundation.
Via Swagat Care Foundation: Providing Monthly Pensions for the last 5 years to over 2,000 Old Age People in Andhra Pradesh.
Personal Front: Raised Funds for everal Indo-American Candidates seeking Political Office.
Via Swagat Care Foundation: Provided Scholarships to Youth in North America.
Personal Front: Launched the First and the only Global Telugu News Paper, "Telugu Times" to serve the NRI Telugu Community.
Other Community Services:
Collected Funds for AASRA towards Shelter for Victims of Domestic Violence
Launched programs for Senior Citizens towards Medical, Social and Religious Needs
Spearheaded Youth Programs for Mentoring, Issuing School and College Scholarships, Political Internships and Career/Volunteering Opportunities
Initiated Civil Rights Program to ensure Indian Community is preserved and protected at all times
Launched Political Empowerment Schemes via Political Education Programs and Voter Registration Drives
Responsible for promoting numerous Foundation Projects in India as well as North America
Organized Youth Beauty Pageants to promote the Youth
My Donations
Detailed Contributions to Telugu Associations.
  1996 BATA Silver Jubilee Celebrations, San Jose, CA - $5,000
1997 TANA Conference, Anaheim, CA - $5,000
1998 ATA Conference, Detroit, MI - $5,000
1999 TANA Conference, Cincinnati, OH - $10,000
2000 ATA Conference, Atlanta, GA - $5,000
2001 TANA Conference, Philadelphia, PA - $5,000
2002 ATA Conference, Dallas, TX - $5,000
2003 TANA Conference, San Jose, CA - $25,000
2004 ATA Conference, Chicago, IL - $5,000
2004 BATA Tsunami Relif Fund - $10,000
2005 TANA Conference, Detroit, MI - $5,000
Contributions through TANA Foundation
  1996 BATA Silver Jubilee Celebrations, San Jose, CA - $5,000
TANA Foundation Eye Camps in 6 Villages - $3,600
TANA Foundation Child Shelter in Vijayawada - $10,000
Contributions to Non-Profit Hospitals
  Guntur Sankara Eye Foundation Hospital - $25,000
Cure a Little Heart Foundation to provide Heart Surgeries for Underprivileged Children - $10,000
Indo American Cancer Organization - $9,000 (over 3 years)
Sri Viswamji Swamiji Hospital for Mother & Child, Guntur- $5,000
Bangalore Sankara Eye Foundation Hospital - $1,000
Gujarat Sankara Eye Foundation Hospital - $1,000
Contributions to Help Promote Literacy & Telugu Language
  Telugu Studies Program at University of California Berkley- $5,000
Ekal Vidyala to support 10 Schools in Rural India - $5,000
Cupertino Public Library, Cupertino, CA - $1,000
Santa Clara Public Library, Santa Clara, CA - $1,000
Contributions to Religious Events & Activities
  Anjaneya Swami Temple, Vijayawada - $20,000
Hindu Sangam, Cupertino, CA - $10,000
Livermore Hindu Temple, Livermore, CA - $5,000
Saibaba Mandir, Vadlapudi, Guntur - $5,000
Balaji Temple, Detriot, MI - $1,000
Pensions of Old Age People
  Gave 200 Rupees Monthly Pension to 2,200 under Privileged Old Age People in Krishna District for 5 years
  Guntur ZP Non Gazetted Employees Union Building Fund - $5,000
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